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A Review Of Free Garage Design Software

A Review Of Free Garage Design Software

Free Garage Design SoftwareMost homeowners take their garage for granted. But you’re not most homeowners, so you put some effort into turning your garage into a highly valuable place for your car, tools, and storage needs.

To transform your garage into how you imagine it to be, it takes a sophisticated computer program to do the job. Gone are the days when you rip pages of your favorite home magazines to make sure that you’re on the same page with your contractor. But with a garage design software, all the elements are organized into one neat pictorial presentation. ¬†Anyone who sees it won’t have a problem interpreting what you want your garage to look like.

But before you get tempted to purchase a software for yourself, be glad to know that there are a few garage design programs that are offered for free. These free items may not be as advanced as their paid counterparts, but they have everything you need. One of the most highly recommended among these free programs is Big Hammer’s Do-It-Yourself Garage Designer Software.

To start using this amazing software, all you have to do is to download the application from their website and install it properly.

What are the pros and cons of this free software?

Free Garage Design Software Do-It-Yourself Garage Designer SoftwareFirst of all, the Do-It-Yourself Garage Designer works only with Internet Explorer. As you know, Internet Explorer’s response time may be slow, but if you prefer other browsers such as Google Chrome or Firefox, this software won’t run.

Second, this program does not support Mac. So if you’re using a Mac OS, you might want to download a utility software called Boot Camp Assistant to create a partition for Windows. Only when you do this can the Do-It-Yourself Garage Designer run.

Aside from that, this program does not support Intel Integrated Video, and if you want to have a memorable 3D experience, you need to upgrade your video cards.

The good news is, the above-stated disadvantages have a quick fix. And once you’ve successfully downloaded and installed the program, you’ll have a fantastic experience design the garage of your dreams.

What are the good things about Big Hammer’s Do-It-Yourself Garage Designer Software?

First, it’s easy to customize your garage design. This program supports a click-and-drag feature, which allows you to design in layers, rotate at certain angles, and quickly change one element into another if you don’t like the outcome.

Free Garage Design Software Big HammerSecond, your design can be easily customized. You can change the height and width of your frames, you can choose from different types and styles of roofing systems, and choose from different types of materials such as lumber or metal. You can do all that by choosing from a built-in design catalog that the program has. And the best part is, price quotes are provided for all the materials you chose.

Third, the software gives you different views and printouts. If you want a 3D view, you got it. If you want a post layout view, just click on the feature and your design follows this view. And when you choose the 3D feature, you can rotate your design at any angle.